Ready made Billing & Tax Invoice Software

Simple Software for Advance Calculation and Data Management

Lodestone App presents an interactive, personalized and digitally efficient invoice and tax billing software especially designed for your client efficient organisation. They are ready made build and can be customized as per your need.  Best suite for Tax invoice, GST & VAT calculation, Data Management.

Designed for Quote creation and Management. Clients can create quote and manage as lifecycle right from Draft to approval. Easy Interface, Responsive design, robust coding and other advanced features to make your hard work easy.

Billing Software

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Add Clients

Supports adding unlimited Clients/Customers as much you want with their complete profile. User Friendly control to view, edit and manage clients database. 

Create Quotes

Designed with quotes Lifecycle right from draft, pending, Viewed, rejected, approved, sent and cancelled. Option for downloading a quote as PDF and can be sent through Email to client. 

View Invoice

Invoice follows with the lifecycle of quotes right from Draft, Sent, Viewed, Paid and Overdue.  Apply a tax to the entire invoice.

Payment Gateway

Integrated with online payment gateway. This module helps client to make payment online. 

Multi User Account with customized access control

User Accounts

  • Full Access Control
  • Customizable User Account
  • Read Only Access for Guest User

Designed with administrator and Guest Account for multi access control. Administrator account has full access control to the entire system and where as Guest user account allows user to limited access for data management and security. 

Customized with Multi Tax Calculation

Integrated Tax Calculation

Supports Multi Tax rating for various product. Create and set up different tax rate since Tax rates differs variously for different products.  User Friendly and easy to choose and included in your clients quotation.  

User Friendly and Support Multi Device

Online & Offline Access

Mobility access would be the basic need of every clients, thats the reason we designed our system with multi access control over online as well offline. Supports Multi Device, Robust and Responsive.