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Feel Good With Offshore ?

Using an Offshore Development Center bring’s many advantages, particularly in cost saving’s and time frame. Odc’s in developing countries such as Vietnam maximize these benefits even further.

Lodestone App’s ODC covers all administrative tasks in creating an offshore development center, its a ideal place for developing, integrating or even customizing your project in one place right from development to branding. Our facilities are not limitation on numbers. You can form Core Team, research, develop and even brand with no time limits all at affordable cost.


  • Shorter Time Frame
  • Tailored Each Client Needs
  • Knowledge Retention
  • On Time Delivery of Projects
  • Custom development & Experience Design
  • Business without boundaries
  • To lower operating expenses
  • Raise production
  • Using effective tool


Best Infra structure
Renovations in office
Latest Computers and Laptops
High Speed Internet with phone
Good furniture
Prepare workstations
Connect workstations to internet
Set up security signal system

Renovate the office in the style of your company, buy all needed furniture, and set up the security signal system – your ODC is ready to work!


Office equipment and supplies (printer, scanner)
Coffee machine
Medicine box
Hardware and software are the core tools for developers’ work, so the purchase of all required equipment and office supplies is the top priority for an OSDC creator.

Core team

HR manager
UI/UX Designer
Business Consultant
DevOps Engineer
Digital Marketing

An ODC is not only about developers, as you might need some additional staff for the center’s proper daily functioning.


Office branding
Branded T-shirts
Branded cups

When performance matters

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Expertise team with good domain knowledge

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Using innovative ideas and methods

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Using processes, tools customize for each client’s specific needs

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Dedicated to one client throughout the length of the project

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Our commitment makes us valuable on the client’s onsite team

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what are the characteristics of offshore development center?

Clear and Precise Communication,User Experience, Experienced Development Professionals,Economical,Flexibility.

How offshore development center works?

Project Kick-off. Software Requirements Analysis and Management, Software Project Planning, Software Project Tracking and management, Software Quality Assurance, Software Configuration Management, Testing,Release, Maintenance.

Do we hire resource for project?

Yes, we can and the advantages are Highly Talented People, Different Time Zones, Easy to Manage, Responsiveness & Scalability, Security, Control and Confidential Information, No Hidden Costs, Culture,Continuity – Same Resource – No Retraining.