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altcoin exchange script
Launching your own Crypto Exchange? Tap our Readymade Decentralized Platform with no hassle setup.
We integrate the following features to create your own Crypto-Currency Exchange while ensuring fast time-to-market.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

At lodestone App, we treat every assignment as a piece of art. Our team of craftsmen toils relentlessly to fuel your business. Every line of code, every pixel in design, every layer in security stack, each nanosecond on a performance scale and every scenario in quality assurance is diligently taken care of during Crypto exchange development to deliver a world-class product experience of the best white label Crypto exchange solution.

Altcoin Exchange Solution

High Performance

A liquidity-ready trading platform to help you start a Crypto-Currency exchange business.

Decentralized Crypto Solution

Powerful Trade Engine

Our trade engine matches the buy and sell orders at lightning speed with minimum latency. It has built-in order types for market order, limit order and stop order, which are essential for a Crypto trading system.

Bitcoin Exchange Script


Increase your revenues by implementing new Crypto and Fiat gateways as well as fees. You can do it in house or let Open-Ledger do all the heavy lifting on a one-time payment or revenue-sharing basis.

Bitcoin Exchange Script

Top-Notch Technology

We made the best of what Lodestone App had to offer and built a new, even better-designed platform.

crypto exchange script

Lodestone App’s Crypto Exchange white label solution delivers:

  1. A secure, stable white label back-end solution that safeguards all digital exchange data by layered architecture providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets.
  2. A ready-made UI/UX tool set and full stack technology suite for easy integration across the organization.
  3. Robust risk management with real-time error checking and support for KYC, AML, and 2FA.
  4. Configurable order management system, matching engine, and order routing, with integration options for custody, KYC/AML, and settlement.

Professional Product Team

A team of 40+ Blockchain and Crypto-Currency experts is working every day to improve the platform. We are constantly rolling out new gateways to let users trade world’s most wanted coins. Rest assured we’ll have you covered from the moment your exchange goes live.

Connectivity across payments networks

Instant, on-demand settlement

Real-time trace-ability of funds

Low operational and liquidity costs

Flexible Engagement Models

We’ve come up with 3 transparent engagement models, each with a different level of control and risk. You can start small and then switch to a more high-profit model as your business grows.

High TPS (Transactions per second)

Powerful Trade Engine

Digital Wallet

Multi-layer Security

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The Crypto Wallet is a gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to hold and secure Crypto Currency